Brett Favre to Eagles? Michael Vick Endorses Move


Keep your preseason football games and impending free agency periods. I don’t need a Hall of Fame game or Chris Mortensen to tell me when the NFL season is gearing up to commence.

As always, the NFL season will only truly start when rumors begin to circulate that Brett Favre may come out of his “retirement.”

According to Howard Eskin of 610 WIP Sports Radio in Philadelphia, the NFL season is about to start Favre’s name is being discussed for a backup role on the Philadelphia Eagles.

To be fair to Favre, he isn’t the one perpetuating the rumors this time around. In fact, the man who has made Michael Jordan’s tendency to retire and un-retire look normal by comparison, has stayed completely and totally out of the limelight since his mildly catastrophic 2010-11 campaign. You know, the one during which he saw his legendary consecutive games streak broken, experienced a somewhat embarrassing photo scandal and single-handedly took a sledgehammer to any hopes the Minnesota Vikings had of being a contender.

So, do the Eagles have a realistic shot at getting Favre? Their starting quarterback Michael Vick sure seems to think so. Via Vick’s Twitter account:

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Of course it would be great to have Favre as a backup, Mike. His undeniable selflessness and nonexistent ego should no doubt allow him to make the seamless transition from superstar to towel boy with relative ease.

Plus, if there is one thing a championship contender needs in a year when they’re hoping to take the next step to championship glory, it has to be two capable passers who are used to owning the limelight. Heck, it’s not like the media would pounce on that and make it a yearlong talking point, or devote an entire phrase that rhymes with porterback montroversy to it.

Please, please let this rumor be true.


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