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Brent Musburger isn’t Sorry for What Happened with Katherine Webb

Brent Musburger, 73, became something of a national superstar last week when he gave birth to the Katherine Webb Phenomenon.

During what proved to be an absolutely awful game, ESPN's veteran broadcaster spotted the girlfriend and mother of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron sitting in the stands. In what had to be one of the most awkward TV moments in recent sports history, he then launched into a breathless soliloquy regarding how beautiful they both were and how great being a quarterback must be.

Naturally, given the fact that 26.4 million viewers tuned in to watch Alabama bash Notre Dame’s skull in, Musburger’s commentary created something of a stir.

Less than 24 hours after that game ended, ESPN issued a public apology for his words. That in turn drummed up a myriad of opinions from all ends of the spectrum about what transpired.

Some people felt as though the 73-year-old demeaned Webb, others maintained that there was nothing wrong with commenting on a beauty queen’s beauty. (Webb is a former Miss Alabama.)

The takes regarding what happened came in quickly from just about everyone. Everyone except Musburger himself, that is. Up until yesterday, nobody bothered to get his two cents on what happened.

As usual, TMZ decided to tackle this noble journalistic task head on.

BCS Announcer Brent Musburger -- I Did NOTHING Wrong By Ogling Miss Alabama - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

The best quote from the whole clip, by far: "Individuals say what individuals say. And corporations do what corporations do."

Translation – ESPN might be sorry, but I sure as hell am not.

(Kudos TMZ)

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