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Breaking Down Delay in Nuggets-Nets Carmelo Trade

The four-team blockbuster trade that would have granted Carmelo Anthony his wish -- getting traded from the Denver Nuggets to a squad nowhere nearly as good -- has reached some sort of “crossroads,” according to Yahoo Sports.

Apparently, over the weekend (actually, more like a day) Anthony has gone from being extremely enthused about being sent to the New Jersey Nets and signing a long-term extension with them, to doubting whether or not the struggling franchise is really for him. It seems that the Nets’ new arena and cool ownership tandem of a Russian cagillionare and Brooklyn rapper wasn’t enough to sell the former Syracuse star on New Jersey being a better destination than the not-so-loveable losers who play in Madison Square Garden.

Bear in mind, on Friday, Anthony seemed excited and ready to go to live in the Knicks’ shadow. However, after reportedly speaking to friends and family, Anthony realized that if he’s leaving a championship contender for an absolutely sorry squad (which he is, regardless), he’d rather it be one with an overrated history and no real shot to compete in the Knicks than no history and no real shot to compete in the Nets.

Meanwhile, the Nuggets’ management is probably experiencing heart pains and increased blood pressure at the thought of...

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