Breaking Down the Seattle Seahawks' Cornerback Issues


Based on Adam Schefter’s report, Sunday could have been an awful day for the Seahawks both on and off the field. According to Schefter, the Seahawks two starting cornerbacks could be suspended for the next four games due to a positive test for the banned substance Adderall. With only five games remaining on the schedule, and the Seahawks right in the thick of it in the NFC Wildcard race, the last thing they need is to have to try and seal it without Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner.

Unfortunately, though, odds are they’re gonna have to try and find a way. All that bad news came after a road loss to the Dolphins, where they gave up 17 points in the fourth quarter and lost on a field goal with the clock striking zero. Ouch.

If the four game suspensions are upheld, and Seattle is without the pair for this final stretch, any playoff hopes they might have had could have just vanished into thin air. What this pair has done for the Seattle Seahawks this season can’t be understated. The Legion of Booms better half have anchored what has been one of the most stagnant pass defenses in the league. Their defense hasn’t been playing the run as well as when they started the year, now imagine if they can’t defend the pass either?

Marcus Trufant is one hell of a backup option to have, and I think even at this point in his career he could be a starter on a lot of teams out there, but I’m not sure he can still handle the top assignments. I am 100% sure though that Walter Thurmond, or Byron Maxwell can’t handle the second starting gig.

Assuming this suspension holds, maybe this can be some kind of rallying point for the team, and they can respond favorably and stay above water. I don’t see that as being very likely though. There is only one “gimme” left on their schedule, in the Arizona Cardinals, and as the saying goes “any team can win any game on any given Sunday”. If the Seahawks can go .500 without the pair, and beat the Rams at home in the regular season finale, there is hope. They will be 9-7 and that just might be enough to squeeze into the playoffs. All I can say is, hopefully both tests results are wrong or have been somehow compromised, because this team needs this duo at cornerback, and this city deserves some playoff football.


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