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Surprise: Redskins have Out on McNabb’s New Contract

It’s amazing the quarterback who played worse than his opponent this past Monday night -- when the Philadelphia Eagles trounced the Washington Redskins -- is the subject of this week’s headlines.

But that’s the NFL for you.

Prior to Monday’s game, news broke that Donovan McNabb had been signed to a baffling long-term deal that guaranteed a $40 million payday for the quarterback. Now, it’s been clarified that really, McNabb’s contract may only guarantee him $3.5 million.

According to McNabb’s agent, Fletcher Smith, the contract simply has “$40 million in guarantees.” Um, maybe not Fletch. Turns out Washington has the option of cutting their quarterback at the end of the year. If they opt to take that route, the 'Skins would not have to pay him a penny more than the $3.5 million.

Essentially, this puts all the pressure on veteran McNabb to prove he is the quarterback of the future for the Redskins. Of course, this all comes on the heels of head coach Mike Shanahan mysteriously benching McNabb in the last two minutes of the Washington-Detroit Lions game two weeks ago.

Many have speculated the contract was simply a clever maneuver to smooth over the team’s relationship with their quarterback. However, given the price totals involved, it’s safe to say that nobody’s feelings are worth $78 million.

The Redskins got absolutely obliterated by the Eagles on Monday night 59-28. McNabb, for his part, threw three interceptions and was particularly unimpressive all night long.

Meanwhile, never missing the opportunity to taunt his old teammate, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Terrell Owens tweeted after the game:

''How do u justify a 78 million dollar contract w/this type of performance?''

On Tuesday, Owens tried to back-pedal from his comment by saying that “his brother” posted the comment.

McNabb had the last laugh, though. When asked about T.O.’s comments on his weekly radio show, the Redskins quarterback replied:

''It's funny he's worried about what I'm doing,'' McNabb said. ''When what are they, 2-6?'' Actually 2-7.

Ouch. When the usually soft-spoken McNabb starts taking shots at your team, you know they're doing bad. The truth hurts.


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