Brazilian Soccer Player Fakes Kidnapping to Avoid Training


Most soccer fans, players, and clubs around the world are all in favor of introducing video replay to the sport, but Brazilian soccer player Somalia may not be one of them. But Somalia’s stance against the technology is related to off-the-field activity not on it.

It seems the midfielder, who plays for Botafogo in Rio De Janeiro, recently faked his own kidnapping so he wouldn’t be fined by the club for being late for practice. The problem was it didn’t take Columbo to figure it out.

It seems Somalia was worried about losing 40 per cent of his pay check, which is club policy for those who are late for practice, after spending a night on the town and leaving late for training. So he did the next best thing, which was to report he was kidnapped while en route to the club’s training facility in Rio.

The player, whose real name is Paulo Rogerio Reis da Silva, was pretty creative when explaining what happened to police by saying he was carjacked by a man at gunpoint at about 7am when he was on his way to practice. He added that the kidnapper drove him around the city for a couple of hours before deciding to let him go, but not before relieving him of his jewellery and money.

But it seems Somalia’s story didn’t quite make sense to the police so they decided to investigate the incident a bit deeper to satisfy their suspicions. They then paid a visit to Somalia’s apartment building to review the footage of the CCTV security camera. What they saw was the player getting home from a late night on the town at about 4am and then leaving for training at 9am. This of course shot Somalia’s story of being kidnapped at 7am full of holes.

Police said Somalia will be charged for reporting the cock and bull story and he could end up facing up to six months in jail for it if he’s found guilty. There’s been no word from the Botafogo club regarding Somalia’s story and if he’ll be fined. It said they’re waiting for more information before deciding what, if any action to take, but he showed up bright and early for training the next morning.

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