Brazil Soccer Fans Chant Obscene Insult at Brazil's President


Pictures and videos of Brazil soccer fans crying during their team's 7-1 semifinal loss to Germany at the World Cup were all over the web yesterday.

However, the soccer fans also slammed Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff towards the end of the game.

According to CBS Washington D.C., some fans chanted, “Ei, Dilma, vai tomar no cu,” which when translated means, “Hey, Dilma, go f--- yourself in the a---!”

Apparently, the fans who have supported the World Cup up until their team's loss to Germany suddenly became incensed over their government spending more than $11 billion dollars to host the World Cup.

The same fans, who paid tickets and attended the match, were upset that the $11 billion didn't go to building schools, hospitals and helping poor people.

The fans didn't voice their anger against President Rousseff when Brazil's soccer team was winning previous World Cup matches.

Those who did protest the World Cup and human rights abuses by the Brazilian government were shot by police with rubber bullets and tear gas months ago outside Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

“There are people who suffer so much here in Brazil,” Brazilian soccer player David Luiz said after losing to Germany in a post-game interview, noted

“I only wanted to see my people smile, to see Brazilians happy because of soccer at least," added Luiz. "We couldn’t do it. Everyone knows how important it was. We apologize to the Brazilian people worldwide and Brazil.”

Several Brazilian fans booed their soccer team, burned Brazil jerseys and even turned on each other in the stands during the loss to Germany, reported the Daily Mail.

Sources: CBS Washington D.C.,, Daily Mail


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