Brazil Fans Weep After World Cup Loss to Germany (Video)


Germany scored five goals in the first 29 minutes in today's semifinal match against Brazil in the World Cup.

The Germans ended up destroying Brazil 7-1 in a humiliating loss for the host nation.

Brazil fans were seen sobbing in the stands at the soccer stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, reports (video below), while some Brazil fans in Haiti screamed at a TV and each other (video below).

Brazil was hampered by the loss of captain Thiago Silva, who was suspended for the semifinals, and star player Neymar, who did not play because of a back injury, noted ABC News.

Thousands of cardboard Neymar masks were given to fans in the stadium, but made little difference in the end.

"The problem is psychological," Brazil fan Fabio Fontes told NBC News. "It would be normal for the team to lose against Germany, but not in this fashion."

Brazil literally spent billions of dollars preparing for the World Cup, forcibly displaced hundreds of poor people in Rio De Janeiro and had police shoot tear gas at protesters, all in an effort to impress the world stage.

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Sources:, ABC News, NBC News


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