Braves Pitcher Arrested for Soliciting Prostitute


Atlanta Braves minor league pitcher Deunte Heath (pronounced….we don’t know how that’s pronounced) was arrested on Thursday night in Kissimmee, FL on charges of soliciting a prostitute. Undercover police used a couple popular websites – including, just a head’s up – to nab Heat and eight others in a very important sting that got nine non-violent people off the streets.

Heath and the others were arrested at a townhouse after he had agreed to $75 in exchange for sexual acts.

Photo Caption:Florida cops don’t mess around and take every safety precaution possible when dealing with radical thugs in collared Polo shirts.

“We go ahead and contact them and set everything up, make sure the deal is done. Those phone calls are recorded,” said Stacie Miller with the Kissimmee Police Department.

Heath, who used to play at the University of Tennessee, was suspended from the team indefinitely.

Our take?

1. $75 is a heck of a deal. Maybe he’s just a smart shopper who can’t refuse a bargain (and we could also argue that he should have known something was fishy when the price was that low).

2. This is a colossal waste of time. Really? We have cities and states who are going bankrupt and this is how we are spending our resources? Beyond stupid. Who gives a rat’s petute if the guy wants to go hook up with some broad for money? If she’s selling, then what difference does it make who is buying? And also, when this guy hits the majors and gets a Major League paycheck, some chick is going to marry him for his fame and money. Isn’t that legalized prostitution? Isn’t a woman that marries for money nothing more than a high-class whore?

This is such a waste of time. But still, we had to post it to keep our loyal fan base informed.


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