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NFL: Bengals Offensive Coordinator Bratkowski Fired After 10 Years

This is a bit of a surprise. After 10 years of running the Cincinnati Bengals offense, Bob Bratkowski was shown the door on Monday, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

The Bengals offense has underperformed as of late, failing to reach 21st or better in the league in points in any of the past three seasons. That’s pretty bad when you have guys like Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson on the team (regardless if they have been very good as of late).

Is this related to Palmer’s trade request? Did he say something like “either send Bob packing or trade me”? We think that the two are related, but we aren’t sure how just yet.

Supposedly, former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress had lunch with Marvin Lewis recently. Or dinner or whatever. He could emerge as someone to take over, but he shouldn’t expect great things out of Palmer. He’s getting close to toast at this point, even if not many people want to admit it.


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