Brandon Vera Explains Withdrawal from UFC On FX 3

After losing to Thiago Silva at last year at UFC 125, Brandon Vera was cut from the UFC. However, when it was revealed that Silva had faked his urinalysis to hide steroids, Vera was brought back into the fold and eventually given a much sought after rematch against Silva once the Brazilian's yearlong suspension was served.

Unfortunately, Vera's thirst for revenge against Silva had him a little too eager to step back into the cage and he agreed to face Silva this May at UFC on FX 3 without having fully healed from an injury. Vera explains via Facebook.

"Hey everybody, it's Brandon 'The Truth' Vera here. I wanted to clear up some stuff, and apologize," he said. "I've been bugging my manager, I've been bugging Joe Silva and the UFC, you know, that as soon as Thiago Silva's suspension was over and he was available, I would like to be the first one to fight him and get back in there with him -- kind of a welcome back thing. And, finally the fight came, Joe said the fight can happen May 15th. My manager told me the fight can happen May 15th and without thinking, without talking to my coaches, without talking to my doctors, I verbally said 'Yes, I'm down. Let's do the fight. Let's get it done. I'm in.' Super excited, hung up the phone, probably went on a run, got super excited, didn't sleep that night.

"Next morning I went to my doctors after training and told my doctors that I was planning on fighting May 15th, and everybody looked at me like I was crazy," Vera continued. "They said there's no way I'll be ready by then, and I need to focus on getting better. So I sat down and was thinking 'Yeah, maybe those guys are right.' So, I didn't check with my doctors, I didn't check with my coaches. So, I apologize to both of you guys. I apologize to Joe Silva and my manager Matt Stansell. I apologize to my fans. I still wanna fight you bad Thiago, Thiago, however you say your name, juice monkey. I still wanna fight you bad. So whenever you're ready, whenever I'm healthy enough, I'm your huckleberry."

Vera last appeared in the cage at UFC 137, taking a unanimous decision over Eliot Marshall.

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