Brandon Rios Looking to Make a Statement vs. Richard Abril


"I think he thinks I’m lazy and easy to beat. I don’t really care what he thinks --- whether he respects me or he doesn’t respect me. My job is to punish him and to do what I do and make sure I come out victorious. Hopefully he will be ready too because if he’s not he will have one hell of a storm coming," said former WBA Lightweight Champion Brandon Rios when asked if he was surprised that his opponent this Saturday WBA Interim Lightweight Champion Richard Abril isn't showing him more respect.

Check out what else he had to say about his upcoming fight with Abril.

DL: Brandon, how did training camp go and what is your weight right now?

BR: Training camp went very well. My weight is excellent and I am just relaxing now. I weigh 137 right now so I will not have a problem making weight. My new nutritionist is doing a great job and I feel really good.

DL: How much tape have you and Robert Garcia watched on Abril and do you have any concerns?

BR: Robert is the one who has watched most of the tape on him. I have been going off of what he has been telling me and we’ll be ready 100%. He is a long, tall awkward guy.

DL: He is 5’11, will he be the tallest opponent you have faced?

BR: No, actually I fought a guy from New York named Jorge Teron who was 6’1. It doesn’t make a difference how tall they are, I just follow the instructions that Robert gives me and I’ll be ready 100%. The taller they are the harder they fall (laughs).

DL: He has two losses by split decision over non- descript opposition and the rest are wins over equally non- descript opposition. This is the biggest fight of his life. Are you surprised he isn’t showing you more respect? Is it all hype for the fight or do you really think he lacks respect for you?

BR: I think he...

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