Brandon Phillips Makes Drunken Heckler's Day With Funny Signed Ball

The stands tend to clear out during rainy baseball games, and whenever that happens, the few faithful who stick around get a chance to be heard by players and impact the game. Such was the case at PNC Park in Pittsburgh last night.

Due to the dead crowd, a couple of drunken hecklers were able to be heard so clearly that Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips couldn’t help but respond to them after the game. Rather than berate them like some annoyed players might do, Phillips actually had some fun with the presumably obnoxious guys.

Here’s how one of the fans recounted the experience:

“…after the game, Brandon Phillips runs over and hands my brother this ball. He said Mr. Phillips was completely cool about the whole thing. We’re Pirates fans, but I’ll be rooting for the Reds as long as is doesn’t mess with Pittsburgh’s chances at a pennant.”

What did the ball say?

"Dear Drunk Guy, Thank You 4 All The Love & Support!! Now Take This Ball And Shut The Phuck Up!! :)

From Yours Truly,

Brandon Phillips."

Here’s a picture of the ball along with a picture Phillips took with the fans:

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