Brandon Marshall Is Sitting First Class On The Jay Cutler Bandwagon


Bears receiver Brandon Marshall loves him some Jay Cutler.

The Bears signed Cutler to a 6-year, $126 million deal this offseason. With so much money in Cutler’s hands, reporters over at the NFL Network asked Marshall what the expectation is for Chicago's quarterback this season. Marshall’s got big hopes.

“League MVP,” he quickly replied. “He's the first one in the building, last one to leave, his leadership is through the roof. He's correcting the coaches. I mean, this is his offense. This is his organization. He's running it, and I love it.”

Cutler isn’t a bad quarterback. Truly. He’s a poor man’s Brett Favre. He’s got a cannon for an arm, but makes just as many boneheaded plays as great ones. Cutler is lucky to be surrounded by a ton of talent in Chicago – Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte all come to mind – and a QB guru for a head coach in Marc Trestman.

But the fact remains that entering his ninth season in the NFL, Cutler has never developed into a top-tier quarterback. He’s got all the talent in the world, but every year he’s one of the most erratic performers in the league. He’ll throw ten touchdowns and one interception over three games, only to throw two touchdowns and eight interceptions in his next three. You know how Eli Manning seems to alternate between having good and terrible seasons? That’s how Jay Cutler is within each season.

I wouldn’t be surprised if 2014 is a career year for Cutler. Trestman’s offense is perfect for him, and he’s surrounded with weapons. But Jay Cutler for MVP? Doubt it.


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