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Brett Favre’s Sister Brandi in Meth Lab Bust

Brett Favre’s name just keeps popping up in the media, but this time it’s his sister, Brandi Favre, who is the source of controversy.

Brandi Favre, along with 5 other people, were arrested in Diamondhead, Miss. in connection with a meth lab ring.

This is what went down: Police witnessed a drug buy at a local gas station, then questioned the suspects about where they got the meth. The suspects led them to a condominium complex where a meth lab was discovered. Brandi Favre, the sister of Bret Favre, was one of the people arrested in connection with the meth lab bust.

The suspects, including Brandi Favre, were taken to be decontaminated at a nearby hospital, then transported to the police station, where they were booked for being involved with the meth lab.

A HazMat team were deployed to remove the toxic meth chemicals from the condominium.

Brandi Favre is no stranger to the law. In 1996 she was involved in a drive-by shooting while attending school at Southern Mississippi. She had the criminal charges taken off her record after completing a program that allowed such.

Then, in 1999, Brandi Favre was caught shoplifting at a department store. She was charged with a felony.

No word on what charges Brandi Favre will face at this time.


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