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Vikings News: Brad Childress and Brett Favre Have Understanding

Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress is once again knee-deep in the annual Brett Favre controversy. Childress made a visit to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to meet with Favre to discuss the upcoming season. NFL betting lines for some regular season games have already been set, but could change if Favre announces his return.

Childress and Favre seemed to by in sync last season, making it all the way to the NFC Championship game before falling short of the Super Bowl in a defeat at the hands of the New Orleans Saints. They had a small squabble when he benched Favre during a regular season game with the Carolina Panthers in which the offense was struggling. The head coach believes that the two simply needed time to figure out each others personalities.

“Yeah, we banged heads. Like once,” Childress said. “You could say I knew him from the outside and I knew his body of work, but I probably didn’t know the wiring that was involved with that. Safe to say he didn’t know how I was wired.”

After returning home from his second visit to Favre’s home in Mississippi, Childress says he has a better understanding of his sometimes eccentric quarterback. Favre introduced Childress to a little bit of southern culture as well as atmosphere. In an interview, Childress described the sound of bugs hitting the windshield as they were driving down a Mississippi back road.

“I felt like it was raining,” Childress said. “He goes, ‘That’s the Deep South, Brad.’”

The head coach claims to be on good terms with the quarterback, but still doesn’t fully understand all of his thought processes. All he can do is continue to learn how to get along with the Favre, and continue to put him in the best possible position to win. If Favre does return, bettors should look for NFL point spreads to increase in game that involve the Vikings.

“I don’t profess to be a Favre-istorian or anything like that,” Childress added.

The Vikings do have other interesting players and story lines this season in Jared Allen, Adrian Peterson, and incoming rookie Toby Gerhart. No story will command more attention than Favre’s pending return, and Childress is looking to get him into camp as soon as possible.

What if Favre doesn’t come back? Childress says that he knows there is no commitment in place for Favre’s return.

“He knows that nothing’s promised,” Childress said. “He can say he’s coming back and pull a calf the first day, and he can’t get over it. … He knows how fragile this thing is.”

NFL gambling sites have set the Vikings’ chances of winning Super Bowl XLV without Favre at +1200


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