Boy Dies from Fall at Lakers Game


A young boy, believed to be 2 or 3 years old, died after he fell from an upper-level suite during a Los Angeles Lakers game against the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center in L.A.

The boy was inside a high-level luxury suite when he plunged 50 feet. Witnesses said the boy was moving his arms and legs when he was placed on a stretcher. He was then taken to USC Medical Center, where he died from his injuries, Sgt. Frank Alvelais said. 

The boy's name has not been released. 

The Los Angeles Times says that security officials were seen taking photographs an hour after the game ended. One initial news report said the boy was taking photographs when he fell. But that story has been ruled erroneous.

Update: From the L.A. Times: 

"Two-year-old Lucas Anthony Tang died after plunging 28 feet from one of the stadium's luxury suites. Los Angeles Police Department officials said the boy's parents had been taking photos of the boy just before he fell. Officials said the family was looking at the digital photos and lost track of the boy, who somehow went over the top of the glass partition. The height of the fall had originally been reported as 50 feet. But stadium managers said it was in fact closer to 28 feet. They said the height of the glass met the city's building safety codes."


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