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Boxing, MMA Collide: UFC’s St. Pierre Models Himself After Manny Pacquiao

Recently, UFC great Georges St. Pierre sat down with ESPN and discussed a number fascinating points including, but not limited to: preparing for UFC 129, what it will feel like fighting in a massive arena, media criticism and Manny Pacquiao’s role in his life.

On Saturday, St. Pierre, whose rise up the UFC hierarchy has been met with some notable pitfalls both professionally and personally, will square off against Jake Shields in the massive Rogers Centre at UFC 129. A native Canadian, St. Pierre will fight in front of as many as 55,000 fans -- more than twice the previous attendance record for such a match -- and with welterweight championship status on the line.

When questioned about how much going to battle in such a huge arena, in front of that kind of capacity crowd would ultimately influence him, St. Pierre was non-committal. He admitted that while it was clearly a change, it was hardly a fight-changing situation.

Interestingly, St. Pierre cited his work with Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach as being instrumental in both the physical and mental aspects of his training.

“I try to learn from them,” he told ESPN. “I see how they do things. See what I can apply to my lifestyle out of what they’re doing.”

Whatever St. Pierre is doing, it’s clearly working. Despite a love-hate relationship with fans, media and just about everyone that comes in his path, St. Pierre has proven without a doubt that he’s a capable fighter, almost worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as the man who he has tried to model himself towards.


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