Boxing in Movies: Mike Tyson in The Hangover Part II and More


By Nick Tylwalk

I suppose this is slightly off topic, but a trip to the movies on Wednesday night for a midnight screening of The Hangover Part II gave me two very different boxing-related sights.

First and foremost, I'm happy to report that Mike Tyson reprises his role from The Hangover... as himself. I don't want to spoil any of the fun for anyone planning on seeing the movie, but I will say that Iron Mike gets to show off some of his talents besides acting and punching people in the face. His famous (infamous?) facial tattoo also plays a part in the story. However his tiger is sadly absent.

On a much different note, I also saw an extended theatrical trailer for Real Steel, which comes out later this year. It's a movie featuring Hugh Jackman as a down-and-out former boxer who teams with his son to try to make a contender out of a fighter they find on the scrap heap - and I mean that literally, because in this film's future, all boxing is done by robots.

Sounds crazy right? I have the feeling Real Steel is either going to come out very cool or incredibly cheesy. Jackman has been talking it up and assuring people it will be the former.

Sugar Ray Leonard also served as an advisor for the boxing scenes, which gives me a little more hope. We'll see come October.

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