Boxing Power Rankings: Klitschko, Donaire on Top, Pacquiao 5th


By Nick Tylwalk

Every new list of rankings is someone's first, so let me get this out of the way: This is not a pound-for-pound list. Rather, it's our attempt to quantify who has been winning the most, in the most impressive fashion aginst guys who aren't total stiffs over the last three years.

Think of it as kind of a "Most Dominant" list.

Like the BCS in college football, the calculations are shrouded in mystery. I prefer them that way, as it removes one avenue of attack (that my math is wrong!). One nice thing about a mathematical formula is that it removes my personal bias from the equation, so I can't simply stick Manny Pacquiao at the top every month and I'm stuck with guys I think are undeserving (more on that below).

Since we've gone five months without an update, there have been quite a few changes since the January edition. Gone are former power rankings favorites like Juan Manuel Lopez and Fernando Montiel. That's what happens when you get knocked out, costing you a whole bunch of points.

There's a new, sort of surprising number one man, though he's scheduled to tangle with another fighter on this list later this year. Intrigued? Read on... Boxer Power Rankings - June 2011

1. Vitali Klitschko - 22.36 - Nope, that's not a typo. Believe it or not, Vitali has fought seven times to his little brother's five over the last three years, and he's gone 7-0 with 5 KOs. For what it's worth, those seven men had a total of nine career losses. As a point of reference, Manny Pacquiao's opponents over the same time span had 23 total losses when he faced them. We'll see if Vitali can keep his grip on the top spot when he faces Tomasz Adamek in the fall.

2. Nonito Donaire - 20.43 - The Filipino Flash has simply been lights out recently, knocking out four straight foes. Interestingly, each man seemed slightly better than the one before. Here's hoping his current promotional mess doesn't derail his career for very long.

3. Yuriorkis Gamboa - 18.43 - While Juanma fell, Gamboa saw his stock shoot up even higher. Shaking off the listlessness that plagued him last year, he destroyed Jorge Solis in his lone 2011 outing so far. At 29, he should be entering his prime.

4. Lucian Bute - 17.35 - I'm not certain if Bute is the best super middleweight in the world, but he definitely has been turning in the most lopsided performances. Bute has stopped five straight opponents dating back to early 2009. Undefeated Jean Paul Mendy awaits next month, but the boxing world is really anxious to see him tangle with the winner of the Super Six World Boxing Classic.

5. Manny Pacquiao - 17.10 - Though the world's top pound-for-pound boxer keeps trucking along, he hasn't knocked anyone out since Miguel Cotto - and that came in the final round. He's still doing plenty of damage (Antonio Margarito's face can attest to that), and he does have a chance to move back up this list if he can stop Juan Manuel Marquez when they meet for a third time in November.

6. Wladimir Klitschko - 16.12 - Hard to argue with what Dr. Steelhammer has done since the summer of '08 (five fights, five KOs), but for some reason he always seems to leave you wanting just a bit. At least we'll finally get to see him do battle with brash Brit David Haye... assuming nothing else goes wrong with a bout that's had anything but a smooth road getting put together in the first place.

7. Tomasz Adamek - 14.83 - More than anyone on this list, Adamek is crying out for tougher competition. He actually got zero points in our formula for his last two wins. Then again, going from tomato cans to Vitali Klitschko may be like one of those roller coasters that launches suddenly out of the station with no lift hill. We'll see if Adamek can hold up to the strain.

8. Sergio Martinez - 13.28 - Our formula hasn't been too kind to Sergio in the past, but two straight sizzling stoppages have finally catapulted him into the top 10. Now his biggest problem may be finding a worthy middleweight challenger, because he's yet to be pushed since lifting the belts from Kelly Pavlik last spring.

9. Alfredo Angulo - 12.60 - There's always someone on this list that probably shouldn't be here, and right now it's definitely Perro. Thanks to turning down some nice paydays, Angulo hasn't fought since last July and doesn't have anything concrete on the horizon. He's wasting some prime years of his career, and he'll fall of this list if he doesn't win another fight by the end of October.

10. Victor Ortiz - 11.51 - The man who used to have his heart questioned talked a big game before fighting Andre Berto, then backed it up with a huge win. Most of the big money fights seem to be a division below him, but if Ortiz doesn't want to go back to 140, maybe he can entice someone to come up to 147.

The next seven: Andre Ward, Felix Sturm, Amir Khan, Robert Guerrero, Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, David Haye 

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