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Boxer Manny Pacquiao Knocks Out Comedy Central's Daniel Tosh

It's a common barroom conversation: How long could you stay in the ring with a professional boxer -- and could you take his best punch?

The real answers are: Not long and no.

Daniel Tosh, comedian and host of the hit show Tosh.O on Comedy Central found that out -- the hard way -- when he asked boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao to repeatedly punch him in the face as part of a skit. Yes, an odd request. Then again, anything for a laugh.

The Filipino pugilist didn't disappoint, knocking Tosh out for the cameras.

Tosh showed up at the famed Wildcard gym in Hollywood, Calif. with an apparent death wish and waiver form in hand. Pacquiao, who is training for an upcoming fight against "Sugar" Shane Mosley on May 7, agreed to take part in the skit with Tosh and UFC personality Joe Rogan -- as long as Tosh signed that waiver form.

The result left Tosh stunned and battered, despite Pacman's reluctance to throw his hardest punches.

Pacquiao, known for being a gentleman who never wants to permanently hurt his opponents, was playful at the outset -- but Tosh and his crew reportedly begged for more.

After a series of knockdowns and more requests for something "harder," Pacman delivered rougher shots and a final blow (that still wasn't his hardest shot) that left Tosh sprawled on the canvas.

"It might not look hard, but my head was hurting the whole time with each punch," Daniel Tosh said on  "He really is one of the nicest guys around . . . . [ On the video ], you could really see the pain in my face....If Mike Tyson did that, you really would have gotten hurt." Rogan said.  "You're lucky Pacquiao's nice." 

No video of the knockdown is available just yet. Comedy Central asked for all cameras and cell phones to be turned off -- so it could retain exclusive video rights when the show airs in late May. 


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