Bountygate Fallout: New York Jets’ Twitter Account Talks Smack to Saints’ Drew Brees

After the NFL handed down a very, very strict punishment to the New Orleans Saints for “Bountygate” (and a very, very, very strict punishment to Sean Payton), nobody really seemed to know how to react.

The team’s quarterback, Drew Brees, expressed shock at how severe the penalty was. The team’s former tight end, Jeremy Shockey, got dubbed as the guy who snitched the organization out to Roger Goodell and Co. The man at the center of the controversy, Gregg Williams, accepted full blame.

Even in the midst of everyone struggling to find words to describe how they were feeling about what transpired, though, one party had something to say. The same party that always seems to have something to say.

Here is what the New York Jets’ Twitter account sent out last night to Brees (via Complex):

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Shortly thereafter, this tweet went out as a follow-up:

At 11:21pm on 3/21 an unauthorized tweet was sent from @nyjets. This is not the view of the New York Jets. We are looking into this matter.

— New York Jets (@nyjets) March 22, 2012

Mystery Jets tweeter was entirely accurate in his/her assessment, but it’s probably safe to say that this is a firestorm that even the biggest attention whores in professional football want no part of.

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