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Brian Boucher Skates, Could Return Soon

Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Brian Boucher left the ice 13 days ago with two busted up knees. It was in the middle of Game 5 as the Flyers were desperately trying to come back from a 3-0 series deficit to the Boston Bruins.

Boucher was twisted under a pileup that saw him get a Grade 2 sprain on his left knee. The right knee was also injured and Boucher could barely make it off the ice.

But, Boucher was out there on the practice ice this morning, skating and working with goaltender coach Jeff Neese. While he’s not ready to come back just yet (and if/when he does, he’s not starting over Michael Leighton at this point), he’s farther along than anyone who watched his injury incident thought he’d be.

It would be so good to get back in the locker room,” Boucher said. “It would be so good to get back with the guys. It really is so painful right now, being on the outside, looking in.”

“They never told me my season was done, and I’m not acting like it is.”

Boucher isn’t pushing it too hard, but he is getting a little bit of work and ice time.

“There was no going down, no taking shots,” he said. “The last 2 days, I took some shots but only in a really controlled setting. Every day so far, I’ve made progress. Each day, there haven’t been any setbacks.”


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