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Boston Fans in Denial about Lakers Epic Win Over Celtics

As a Lakers fan, I naturally want to read/hear/see what everybody is saying about the greatest game in the history of the NBA, which happened to be played last night at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. It may not have been pretty, but it was the sweetest victory in a long line of sweet victories for the best franchise in basketball.

And when I say I want to read/hear/see everything about the game, that naturally means I want to read/hear/see what is being said in the enemy camp. How could we lose a 13-point lead in the second quarter? How did we not rebound? The referees weren't fair. Kobe isn't as good as Michael Jordan. Phil Jackson is arrogant.The game was ugly so it shouldn't count.

You know, the good stuff. That's part of the fun when beating your biggest rival. You get to enjoy the pain and suffering inflicted on your nemesis.

So, via the intertubes, I journeyed over to the Boston Globe Web site for a little fun reading. What did the Bob Ryans and Dan Shaughnessys of the world have to say to Celtic Nation in a time of deep, deep depression?

Well, I'm not sure. That's because -- get this -- as of 12:11 p.m. PDT there wasn't a single (as in, zero) headline pertaining to Game 7, the Celtics or the Lakers in the main headlines. Look, there's something on lobster shacks! One of the biggest games in Boston history (and there have been many) had just finished less than 12 hours ago and you're talking about lobster shacks? It was as if the game had never happened.

At first I was disappointed. Why are they talking about Manny being Manny at a time like this?

And then it hit me. This was the greatest sign of pain and suffering ever. This was total, 100 percent denial. The Celtics cannot deal with the Lakers snatching "their" championship away from them -- by those awful, shallow, liposuction-having, phony bandwagon Laker fans.

So if we push it out of our minds and pretend like Manny Ramirez is a bigger story than blowing one of the biggest games in the history of the NBA -- then maybe it never happend.

I love this. This is sweet. Long live sports and long live rivalries like the Lakers and the Celtics.


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