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Can You Blame Chris Bosh for Heading to Miami?

By Ryan McNeill

Fans of the Toronto Raptors have mixed emotions after it was announced this afternoon that Chris Bosh will team up with Dwyane Wade in Miami next season. Most fans have shifted between a combination of feeling like a jilted ex to anger to being numb over the past few weeks as Bosh has publicly flirted with other franchises via Twitter.

Personally, I’m happy Bosh will find himself in a position where he will like be able to compete for multiple NBA Championships while playing in South Beach.

Why? Because Bosh is a player who has carried the franchise on and off the court for the past seven seasons without getting nearly enough credit or respect.

Granted, he got paid well to do so, but it’s never been about the money for Bosh and his deal with Miami shows this.

What fans don’t know is just how much Bosh took Toronto’s losses to heart. There were countless times where Bosh was the last guy to get changed after a tough loss because he was trying to search for answers why his team once again came up short.

However, despite all of this frustration, he always dealt with the media after these tough losses and handled himself with class. Even on nights where he wanted to duck the media like some of his teammates, he stood in front of the media and answered every question that was sent his direction.

While some fans will harbor resentment that he didn’t allow the franchise to get more in return when he left town that burden shouldn’t fall on Bosh. Instead that anger and resentment should be directed solely on the front office because they didn’t supply him with the right players to help him get past the first round of the playoffs.

Besides, the fact he left $30 million dollars on the table shows that money wasn’t he key factor in where he signed this summer.

Sports fans often blast athletes for chasing the biggest contract – it’s because of this Bosh should be respected because he values winning so highly that he left a big chunk of change on the negotiating table.


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