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Bodog Offers Tiger Woods 5-Year, $100 Million Endorsement Deal

By Bryan Cross

Throughout the sex scandal that shook the sports world, Tiger Woods  lost his once unblemished image, that is now completely tarnished amidst the multiple acts of infidelity.

In addition to his reputation, the scandal hurt Woods financially, as the top-ranked golfer lost several sponsors along the way that decided to cut their business ties. While some completely dropped him, other companies down-scaled his role in their marketing efforts.

Now however, Bodog (Sportsbook) has completely gone against the trend and extended a sponsorship off to Woods that would pay him $100 million over five years. There is a catch however.

“With divorce looming and other speculation growing, BodogBrand have now re-tailored their sponsorship offer and are now pleased to submit a first ever ‘no moral conditions’ offer whereby the $100,000,000 five-year deal will be honoured without condition on the player’s moral conduct,” the company said through a statement.

“With divorce an increasingly likely outcome and speculation about a multitude of other ‘sins’, BodogBrand feel they are the only ones who can extend a deal that will be totally unaffected by any non-golf related activity but in fact actively encourages endorsees, employees and customers alike to ‘Play Hard’.”

It is a very different take on the situation, but one that Bodog would look to capitalize on.

“The deal: Whatever it takes. BodogBrand is happy to sponsor and help Tiger get back to his best by any means necessary. On the road to recovery people take all sorts of different pain killers, therapy, drugs – who is to say which are legal and which are not. Surely all medicine is ‘performance enhancing’ – that’s what medicine is for! BodogBrand believes you should do whatever it takes to be world number one and will back Tiger Woods to the tune of $100,000,000 to do just that no matter what allegations – substantiated or otherwise – appear during the five-year deal.”

Woods returned to competitive golfer after a five-month long self-imposed absence from the game following the infidelity scandal.

Woods came back to finish fourth in the Masters, only to miss the cut at his next event in Quail Hollow.

Last week at the Players championship, Woods withdrew on the seventh hole of the final round due to neck pain, that was later reveal to be inflamed after an MRI.

Woods is slated to play in the Memorial Tournament and then the United States Open at Pebble Beach, where he will likely be the betting favorite on Online Sportsbooks if he is healthy.


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