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What Will the Charlotte Bobcats Do with Tyrus Thomas?

Just because the Bobcats did not have a pick in the 2010 NBA Draft does not mean the front office wasn’t busy negotiating contracts of their current players or perusing the free agent market.

Charlotte Bobcats General Manager Rod Higgins, proposed an offer that may keep Tyrus Thomas in Charlotte for another season. The offer is a one year deal worth $6.5 million slapping the forward with a restricted free agent label.

Just one day before the deal was finalized, Higgins commented on the teams intentions with Thomas, “We intend to move forward with Tyrus.”

Labeling Thomas as a restricted free agent is a step in the right direction for the Bobcats as they push to keep him in the Queen City.

Friday’s offer will give the Bobcats the opportunity to rival any deal that other teams may propose, when the floodgates open to the free agent pool on July 1. The Associated Press reports that Thomas is content with staying in Charlotte and hopes to sign a long term deal with the team.

The former fourth overall pick in the 2006 draft by the Bulls, has a career average of 8.0 points per game and 5.2 rebounds over his four years in the Association.

Thomas found himself in Charlotte after he was dealt from the Chicago Bulls for Ronald “Flip”  Murray, Acie Law and a first round draft pick to be named later.

The LSU Alum posted impressive numbers in just 25 games with the Bobcats last season, netting 10.1 points a game on average and 6.1 rebounds.

Thomas enticed the fans and Bobcats front office with a persuasive performance in the loss to Orlando in the first round of the playoffs, leading the Bobcats in scoring with 21 points and nine boards.

In a phone interview with the Associated Press, Thomas said, “They’re feeling like they’re excited to bring me back and I’m very excited to be coming back.”

Thomas was just recently presented with the Jefferson award for being an outstanding athlete in community service and philanthropy.

If Thomas does find himself in Charlotte next season, it will be for certain that the team is getting a well balanced weapon in their scoring arsenal and a class act off the floor, who will make a difference in the Charlotte community


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