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Bobby Valentine Calls Out David Ortiz for Some Inexplicable Reason

Bobby Valentine’s embarrassing run with the Boston Red Sox may have officially ended a few weeks back, but apparently that won’t stop him from bashing his old players. Yes, the man who ticked off an entire team by calling out veterans at the beginning of his failed stint is looking to go out the very same way.

During a recent interview with Bob Costas, Valentine whined about Ortiz not hastily returning to the team after his injury – conveniently ignoring that there was absolutely nothing to play for at the time.

”David Ortiz came back after spending about six weeks on the disabled list and we thought it was only going to be a week,” Valentine said (via the Boston Globe).

”He got two hits the first two times up, drove in a couple runs; we were off to the races. Then he realized that [the team’s trade with the Dodgers on Aug. 25] meant that we’re not going to run this race and we’re not even going to finish the race properly and he decided not to play anymore. I think at that time it was all downhill from there.”

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Ortiz, 36, got injured in the middle of July and only played in one game between then and the end of the year. Again, there was absolutely no reason for him to rush back at any point – Boston was never in anything even remotely resembling playoff contention. Furthermore, the toxic environment that Valentine created from the very start likely didn’t help matters.

For what it’s worth: Ortiz was one of the only notable Red Sox players around who ever publicly voiced support for Valentine.

(Kudos Boston Globe)

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