Bobby Petrino Fallout: Jessica Dorrell’s Fiancé Josh Morgan No Longer Working at Arkansas


One of the more unfortunate bits of information that came out thanks to Jessica Dorrell falling off Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle a few weeks back is news that her fiancé also worked at Arkansas.

The operative word there is worked.

A day after Petrino was officially fired from his post as the football coach, we now have reports that Josh Morgan, Arkansas’ Director of Swimming and Diving Operations, is also no longer associated with the school.

As first noted by the good folks at, Morgan is off the official website and former graduate assistant Megan Haskins has apparently been promoted as his replacement. At this very moment, it’s unknown why precisely Morgan is out. It could be anything from his deciding to resign because of public pressure or embarrassment, to him getting fired for some reason we are not aware of.

It’s sort of tough to imagine that his woman having an affair and getting improper benefits (in more ways than one) would be grounds for Morgan to get the boot, but maybe the payoff that Petrino reportedly gave Dorrell ties into that somehow. (Pure speculation based on zero evidence.)

Oddly enough, even though we now know for sure that Petrino and Morgan will no longer be returning to Arkansas – Dorrell’s future with the school remains in question.

Make what you will of that.

(Kudos to for the find)

Update: According to Yahoo! Sports, he's still with the school, just off the website.

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