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Bobby Green vs. Matt Ricehouse: Strikeforce Round-by-Round Review

Bobby Green vs. Matt Ricehouse

We begin our coverage with a lightweight tilt between Bobby Green (18-5) and Matt Ricehouse (6-0). The referee will be Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Kick by Green and Ricehouse catches it and knocks him to the ground for a brief moment. Nice body shot by Ricehouse, and he throws another quick flurry at Green. Now it's Green on the attack, landing a big right and a knee to the head. Another big knee from the clinch by Green. Check of a leg kick by Green, and Ricehouse comes in with a brief flurry. Uppercut lands by Ricehouse, but it looks like Green has the cage cut off and is finding his distance.

Another strong 1-2 combo, but he isn't throwing them with a bunch of power. Green lands a big blow that floors Ricehouse, but Ricehouse gets back to his feet only to eat more bunches. Green now has landed several uncontested strikes, mixing up punches and knees. Ricehouse, however, turns the tide and seems ready to fight again with just over a minute to go. Ricehouse appears fully recovered from the attack by Green. Superman punch by Ricehouse, but it allows Green to get a takedown. Green lands a pair of huge knees as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Green

Round 2: Good mix by both fighters to start, as Ricehouse comes strong and Green waits and counters. Ricehouse shoots in but doesn't get the takedown, as Green stuffs it. Green appears unconcerned with Ricehouse's power, as he is letting him throw his quick jabs without much defense. Big left by Green connects. Pair of knees to the body by Green inside the clinch. Ricehouse walking around the cage and Green is asking him to engage. Green with a body kick, and another, and Ricehouse is just moving laterally around the outside. Nice quick jab lands by Green, as does another. Ricehouse lands with a left and a knee to the body. Knee to the face by Green as we go under a minute in the round. Green forces Ricehouse up against the cage, takes his back and gets the takedown. Ricehouse gets out of it and pushes Green up on the fence as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Green

Round 3: Ricehouse lands a nice shot to start the round, but he keeps backing up from Green. Kick to the body by Green allows Green to get inside, pushing Ricehouse against the fence. Single-leg takedown by Green, but Ricehouse quickly gets to his feet. Switch-kick connects by Green, but Ricehouse remains standing and lands a solid combo of his own. Knee to the body by Green lands and we go under a minute left in this one. Ricehouse with a combo that backs Green up.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Green

Bobby Green def. Matt Ricehouse via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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