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Bob Knight Gets Confused by Shot Clock During Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt (Video)

Bob Knight has a knack for making even the most boring of things interesting, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that somehow he emerged as the biggest story from Thursday night’s showdown between Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

With 17 seconds to go in yesterday’s ballgame, Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel made a basket after the shot clock expired. Replays confirmed that the ball was still in his hand when the shot clock read all zeroes and that there were 17 seconds left in the outing. It was a pretty simple situation...for most people.

Knight, unfortunately, had some trouble comprehending what was going on in front of him. This led to Rece Davis slowly explaining to the legendary head coach what the difference was between the game clock and the shot clock.

It was absolutely, positively amazing.

Hopefully the next session of Hoops 101 will feature Davis teaching Knight about the and long storied history college basketball has of perpetually angry head coaches abusing their players mentally and physically for no good reason.

(Kudos Awful Announcing)

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