Bob Bradley Expected to Get Contract Extension with U.S. Team

According to Fox News reports, Team USA Coach, Bob Bradley, will have his contract extended.

Bradley led the U.S. soccer team to the round of 16 in the 2010 World Cup before eventually falling to Ghana.

His team repeatedly struggled to start games, but managed to pull things together -- mainly behind Landon Donovan’s heroics -- at the end to secure a few hard-fought victories. Eventually, though, playing with fire caught up with them as they lost a match against a Ghana squad that many expected them to beat.

The U.S. Soccer Federation has said that no final decision has been made as of yet, however, the BBC expects that Bradley will be offered an extension to his current contract with the team.

"Bob is under contract with US Soccer until the end of the year and discussions are ongoing," a USSF spokesman said.

Bradley was considered a top candidate to take over English Premier League club Fulham, but it was announced today that he is officially out of the running for the position. The decision makes it all the more likely that his time as the coach of Team USA will be extended.


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