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Bob Arum's Interesting Take on UFC's Deal with FOX

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Boxing promoter Bob Arum has never been a huge proponent of mixed martial arts, but he has backed away from labeling it a sport for "skinheads and homosexuals." So, that's something.

FightHubTV caught up with Arum recently to get his take on the UFC's current status, now that they're settling into their broadcast deal with FOX and expanded their exposure. Though Arum doesn't exactly see the UFC's current deal working out optimally, he addressed the subject of the UFC in a more fair manner than he has in the past.

I think UFC does a very, very good job in the promotion, but it's a wholly different gameplan from the one that we have. I think that going on FOX network is okay, but I don't know if it helps their pay-per-view numbers. So, it's a mixed bag. There numbers have been very, very bad on their pay-per-view (since the FOX deal), because people say, 'We can see the same thing for nothing, why should we pay?'

You can't make value judgements with the very small window that they've had. Let's see how it works out over a year. (At first) I thought it was very, very good for them, but now I have some second thoughts. But, let's see. The jury's still out.

Check out the rest of the interview below to hear more from Arum on the UFC.

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