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NBA: Blazers and Nets Considering Devin Harris Trade

We have passed on tons of rumors regarding potential trades for Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony. We’re sick of it. So, when we saw a trade rumor that didn’t involve Melo, we got all excited.

Sources tell the Bergen Record that the New Jersey Nets and Portland Trailblazers have exchanged proposals regarding Devin Harris. According to the report, it looks like Andre Miller could/would be involved in that deal. Although we severely doubt that the Nets would trade a 28-year old for an aging point guard when their team blows so badly.

The Nets have been unhappy with Harris’ level of play and commitment to the team lately, so they would like to unload him. However, if they are still in the Melo sweepstakes, then Harris would probably be needed in that deal. So, be careful here, NJ.

The Nets supposedly want to expand the trade to include more players. The names Anthony Morrow and Travis Outlaw are thrown out there in this report.


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