Blasphemy: Tim Tebow Inadvertently Gets 4 New York Teens Suspended

Denver Broncos quarterback and part-time God whisperer Tim Tebow has shaken the sports world to its very core with his outwardly religious way of handling business. Many discussions about the role of religion in athletics and freedom of speech have sprouted up as a result of him being the way he is and that’s undoubtedly a good thing.

Unfortunately, a lot of not-so-good things have also popped out into the world because of the young Broncos quarterback.

Specifically: Tebowing.  

Tebowing, for those who are unfamiliar with the gesture, is getting down on one knee and embarrassing your entire family. It’s basically humanity’s last-ditch effort to reverse the process of evolution. As per Tebowing.com, it’s "to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different."

Well, now on top of just being annoying, the Tebowing craze has also claimed the pristine school records of four young New York teenagers. According to Yahoo! Sports:

On Wednesday, a group of high school athletes at a Long Island school were suspended for staging a spontaneous bout of Tebowing in their high school's hallway.

According to Connor Carroll, a senior at Riverhead (N.Y.) High on the North Fork of Long Island, the Riverhead administration handed out one-game suspensions to four student athletes after a group of Riverhead students decided to spontaneously hold a group Tebowing session in the school.

The Riverhead teens were apparently just trying to tap into that trend, with Carroll saying that the group only intended to throw down one-kneed touchdown salutes, "out of respect for Tebow, and because Tebowing is the new thing to do." While as many as 40 teens (with some participant representing nearly each athletic program in the school) joined in on the spontaneous in-school Tebowing, only four teens -- Carroll and his brother, Tyler Carroll, both of whom are football and baseball players, as well as Wayne Drexel (also a football player) and Jordan Fulcoly (a soccer player) -- were handed one-day suspensions for what can only be described as somewhat specious reasons: Blocking the school's hallways.

So there you have it. It's official: no good can come of Tebowing.

And as for these teens, well – safe to say that Tim Tebow won’t be sliding down their chimney this Christmas.

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