Blagoi Ivanov Finally Getting Out of the Hospital

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According to Sherdog, Blagoi Ivanov has taken a turn for the better and has been released from the hospital after spending months in a coma.

On February 26, the Bulgarian heavyweight fighter and his company were assaulted at the Graf Ignatiev restaurant by eight men. Ivanov was reportedly stabbed under the armpit and into the heart; the 25-year-old was in serious condition and has been since, but he's now made a stunning recovery and is no longer residing in Sofia, Bulgaria's Pirogov Hospital.

Prior to the devastating incident, Ivanov was working his way to the front of the heavyweight pack in Bellator. Three years after beating Fedor Emelianenko in the World Sambo Championships and earning the gold, Ivanov breezed into the semi-finals of Bellator's season 5 heavyweight tournament.

He was unable to continue on in the tourney due to an injury.

In his last fight, in December of 2011, Ivanov earned a TKO over Ricco Rodriguez.

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