Bjorn Rebney on Jose Aldo's Injury: "Motorcycles are Dangerous"

If Bjorn Rebney has it his way, dangerous activities and MMA fighters will not mix in the future. On the heels of José Aldo (21-1) getting into a motorcycle accident and pulling out of his UFC 153 fight days later, Rebney thinks there needs to be contract sanctions to prevent fighters from taking part in high risk decisions.

"Motorcycles are dangerous – it's as simple as that," said Rebney to MMA Junkie. "If your job is competing at the highest levels of 145 pounds on earth, man, riding a bike is just a very tough one to make sense of."

While Rebney is using Aldo's recent motorcycle accident to get his point across, he was not clear if his issue went beyond that.

"I think especially as the numbers get bigger and we make the transition to Spike and transition into bigger and bigger events, I could completely conceptualize contract terms that prohibit fighters from riding a motorcycle on the street," said Rebney. "It doesn't matter how good of a rider you are. All it takes is one idiot to change lanes without looking, and you're done."

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