Bjorn Rebney Calls Dana White's Recent Bellator Comments "Hypocritical"

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney responded to Dana White's recent comments where he refers to Bellator's fighting contracts "as one of the dirtiest things you can do in the business."

"It's a very, very hypocritical statement," said Rebney on The MMA Hour. "It's not designed to put the fighter in a worse position. It's not created to give the promoter who had the contract with that fighter the opportunity to pay him less."

Rebney defended his decision to allow fighters to compete outside of the company.

"You're actually giving a fighter an opportunity to go out and entertain other offers," said Rebney. "If you keep a fighter under contract and just keep him on the shelf, if you keep a fighter under long-term promotional agreement and just keep him on the shelf, you're not doing the fighter any favors at all."

The page count of each contract was an issue Rebney raised.

"These contracts are 40 something pages long and written by some of the smartest minds in the legal profession," said Rebney. "So sometimes people don't have the opportunity to review them all or see them in totality, or understand the commitment that our company or another company might make to a fighter."

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