BJ Penn vs. Rory MacDonald: VADA Testing Prior to UFC 152

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Dr. Johnny Benjamin confirmed on Twitter Thursday that former UFC champion BJ Penn has agreed to move forward with VADA testing prior to his fight with Rory MacDonald. The two are scheduled to face each other at UFC 152: Benavidez vs. Johnson in September.

Penn had first made mention of the testing as a way to help clean up MMA. However, when it was confirmed that the results would be released prior to the fight, potentially putting it in jeopardy, "The Prodigy" backed off. Now, it appears he is on board, and MacDonald is expected to agree shortly, as well.

"(BJ Penn) is the MAN!!!!! He's signed up (for VADA testing)," Benjamin posted. "No delays. No BS. He's showing MMA how it's done!! R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!!!!!"

Penn will be making his return to action after announcing his retirement last year following a loss to Nick Diaz. MacDonald is looking to work his way up the welterweight ladder after an impressive win over Che Mills.

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