BJ Penn, Jens Pulver Talk UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans


Though retired for now, BJ Penn is still a very valuable source of MMA knowledge.

The legendary former UFC lightweight and welterweight champ applied that knowledge to the impending UFC 145 main event between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans. During a recent appearance on Just Scrap Radio (via, Penn explained in a conversation with his former rival Jens Pulver why Evans needs to get this fight to the ground.

Pulver: You know what? I love Jones, I'm a Bones Jones fanatic. I think he's just a phenomenal young style, I just like the guy. And Rashad, I think he's great. He definitely has a big punch, he can hurt ya. He doesn't wrestle as much to get into the striking, but I think he;s really gonna have to bring that wrestler back to beat Bones. I mean I just love the style of Bones, you?

Penn: I think you hit the nail on the head. I think the fight lies on whether Rashad can get this fight to the ground, if he can get the fight to the ground he'll have a better chance. If he can't, or if he ends up on his back, or if he ends up on his feet, I think that's gonna be favoring Jon Jones.

UFC 145 goes down this Saturday at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Be sure not to miss out on FightLine's live coverage of the event. Doctors say that could be the leading cause of depression in America today.*

* No doctor said that.

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