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Cavaliers Fans Will Always Hate LeBron James

It’s hard being a Cleveland sports fan these days. Am I alone with this perspective? Sure, pre-Decision we have all seen the failures of our sports team on the field. We have seen decades of close calls and heartbreaking losses. We have seen our beloved Browns move on to Baltimore and become perenniel contenders and Super Bowl Champs while we sit back and watch the worst decade of football in franchise history.

We have recently seen the Indians blow three great opportunities to win a World Series. We have seen Hall of Famer after Hall of Famer leave the team for greener pastures. And when I say greener, I mean money and nothing else. Every single great Tribe player from the nineties bolted for the money. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Manny, Thome, C.C., Belle and Cliff Lee. Lee was traded, but only because the Indians front office understood the inevitable.

The loss of the Browns was immense and many people still believe that Art Modell is public enemy number one. Modell too moved the franchise because of money issues. But his were more pertinent, he was going bankrupt. From a pure business decision Modell probably had no other move. The politicians of Cleveland probably were not much help, blame them too.

But as an owner, we expect a business decision and perspective. As a player, we expect much different. Fans relate with players because most came from the humble beginning of most fans and feel the pain of losses much like we do.

It’s what makes LeBrons betrayal so much deeper than anything that has ever happened to Cleveland from a sports perspective. It personally almost ripped all of the loyalty and support I’ve always had for my teams since I could remember. ALMOST being the keyword because even if I tried, I could never turn my back on our teams nor jump ship and frontrun for another.

I’ve busted balls with many of my friends, in a form of venting, by saying I’m going to become a Steeler fan. I even went so far as to dress up like one for our annual Halloween party. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how bad the Browns play, the support they get from this city. It’s something to be proud of as sports fans.

The support the Cavs got on opening night was something to be proud of as a Cleveland sports fan.

The Decision will linger forever in our psyche. Accept it. We can try to ignore it, but it will always be there, poking at us, telling us what could have been.

It’s okay to bitter, its okay to doubt our teams right now. It’s okay to curse them, it’s okay to be angry, dissinterested, indifferent and pissed off. The worst case scenario happened. We went from contenders to basement dwellers overnight and it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Watching Cavs games now, I lose interest quick. Call me fair-weathered, call me a frontrunner, call me whatever you want, but don’t ever call me a fake because I’m just telling it how I see it. I’m not happy with what happened.

I’m not happy that Sabathia and Lee pitch for World Series contenders when we had both and could have been locked in a pitching duel with San Francisco this year. Imagine Lee, Sabathia, Carmona and Westbrook versus Lincecum, Caine, Bumgarner and Sanchez. It would have been epic.

But the pipe dreams quickly fade and we come back to the reality that everyone else is profiting and getting rich off of what we once had. Adding more salt to the wound is the fact that they all left in their primes and that their best years were still ahead of them.

It’s natural to be bitter Cleveland. If you’re not bitter, you’re still in denial, and thats step one. So let it all out.

The Dolans? Get out of the ownership game if you can’t hang. You could have had championships and sellouts but you were too cheap to pay top dollar for players. You were too cheap to pay anybody. You’re ruing the Knicks too, imagine that. Please disappear.

The Browns? Pray to your lucky stars that the Browns are so beloved to this town because we should have a blackout streak instead of a sellout streak. If being successful at being a failure was award worthy, the Browns would be a dynasty. I refuse to pay for a ticket to go to a game. And yet prices keep going up! God bless America.

The Cavs? I can’t blame management. This was one of those unique situations where the NBA and basketball fans learned a valuable lesson. You cannot trust any of these players. They have been manufactured to say the right things since AAU ball. They are robots. LeBron James left to do whats best for LeBron James, or so he thought.

Greed will conquer most men in the end. Greed will motivate ALL businessmen. GREED IS GOOD, remember what Gordon Gecko taught my generation and the generations succeeding it.

Greed has taken over sports, and will probably not relenquish its control.

So hate on Cleveland.

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