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Bills Ed Wang first 'Full-Blooded' Chinese-American Drafted in NFL

By billschick

And this time, he’s my type of guy (ancestor-ally speaking). Ed Wang was the first “full-blooded” Chinese American drafted into the NFL and wouldn’t ya know, the Bills are the ones bringing him into the family.

First reaction: Greeeat. My plan to be the first Asian AND female player in the NFL is no longer as impressive. This sucks.

After a closer look: I think we may be related.

Well, we’re not actually related but we could be. His parents were track stars on the Chinese Olympic team. My family isn’t exactly Olympic-material, but my dad was a beastly track star in high school, for awhile I was the top distance runner at my high school and my younger brother is better than both of us ever were. Who knew us Asians could be so speedy? Wang has also always been the only Asian player on football teams…I feel ya, brother. I was always the only half-Asian on my track teams too! And have you seen his long Asian hair? I know a bit about the consistency of long Asian locks and from the back and only the neck up, our manes are one and the same. I’m sensing an instant connection…way to rep the Motherland…call me, man.

Anyway, all joking aside, I think it’s great the Bills were the ones to once again make NFL history and hopefully this time it will be viewed as a positive (because everybody EXCEPT Bills fans see our 4-year Super Bowl run as a failure, when in fact, no other team can say they’ve done that. So we lost, whatever!).

The Virginia Tech alum is a converted player, playing tight end up until his junior year of college when he switched to right tackle. At 6-foot-4 and 314 pounds, General Manager Buddy Nix thinks his size, intelligence and abilities will make him a contender for left tackle and also made him a great fifth round pick. Both Nix and Wang said he has a lot to work on and much to improve on, but there’s talk he could be starter material soon…and with a non-existent crippled offensive line, soon can’t come soon enough.

Wang seems excited to be a Bill, thrilled to be honored with the distinction of being the first full-blooded Asian in the league and admittedly committed to learning more and becoming a critical part of this team. Sports pundits are suggesting Wang’s presence will attract an untapped interest in China, converting a new faction to NFL groupies. Oh, wouldn’t it be ironic if the Buffalo Bills were responsible for the NFL topping its current success by becoming even more of a global phenomenon? I’d love to see that.


P.S. Are you happy now, Daddy? A whole post all about your latest obsession. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

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