Bill Belichick and Brandon Spikes aren't Fans of the Replacement Officials

There have certainly been a plethora of issues with replacement referees officiating NFL games the first three weeks of the season. Players, coaches and fans all need to get used to it though, because the replacement zebra’s are already contracted to work the next two weeks. Even if the league strikes a deal with the regular officials, replacements will be there through week five.

Frustration over poor officiating reached its peak at the conclusion of the Sunday night game Patriots / Ravens game as ultra successful head coach, Bill Belichick, grabbed an official jogging off the field. The incident appeared to come in what looked Belichick attempting to speak with the official about the game winning field goal against the Pats that appeared to travel directly over the right goal post. The official ignored Belichick’s clutch however and continued off the field.

While the poster child for NFL frustration may be Belichick, the best quote came from Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes as he took to Twitter and vented his anger over the replacement refs.

“Can someone please tell these f—— zebras foot locker called and they’re needed Back at work !!!! #BreakingPoint”

The losers here are the NFL, the teams, players, coaches, fans and even the bettors as everyone is being cheated on the quality of the most popular game in America.

The winner here is Foot Locker as 24/7 nationwide coverage of Spikes’ tweet about the officiating is tantamount to a free nationwide commercial.

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