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Bikini-Clad Woman Runs on Pro Bowl Field for Paralyzed Cousin (Video)

During this past Sunday's Pro Bowl, a young woman wearing a cape, shorts and a bikini top ran onto the field to celebrate a touchdown with the players.

While NBC refused to broadcast the young woman's run, she was recorded by someone in the stands (video below) and her stunt has since gone viral.

Katrina Torres says she pulled the stunt for her paralyzed cousin and wore his name on her back, "I did it for Gary."

Torres wrote on her Instagram page:

A couple of years ago, my cousin who was 18 years old at the time got into a really bad motorcycle accident which left him unable to walk. It was always his dream to go with me to a Pro Bowl game. I made a promise to him that since he couldn't walk with me into that stadium that I would run across the field in honor of him knowing that he would be watching from home in New Mexico.

"He can't talk, but he was just smiling a lot and he was just fist pumping," Torres told KHON. "They said as soon as we saw you jump, his face just lit up and he was just fist pumping and stuff so that made it so worth it for me."

When she was caught by security guards, Torres told them her story, which was overheard by coach Deion Sanders.

"Deion Sanders came running behind us and he's like, 'Hey don't arrest her. That was really cool. Just don't arrest her. If you arrest her, I'm gonna bail her right out,'" Torres recalled.

Torres was not arrested, but has been banned from Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, the site of the Pro Bowl. Her suspension should end just in time for next year's game.

Sources: Instagram and KHON


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