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Biggest Problem Facing Kobe, Bynum, Lakers: Chicken Pox Outbreak

When it rains in Hollywood, it pours.

As if the Los Angeles Lakers weren’t having enough problems heading up to the NBA Playoffs, the team is now facing the prospect of, get this, a chicken pox outbreak in the locker room. Yes, you read that right. Chicken-freakin’-pox may ultimately prevent a purple and gold three-peat.

A day after key Lakers role player Andrew Bynum went down with a serious-looking right knee injury, reports are emerging that another role player -- Steve Blake -- has been diagnosed with chicken pox. Considering the contagiousness involved with that illness, the fact that Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest and Bynum all haven’t had it yet, can only mean trouble for the defending champions.

Chicken pox can take up to two weeks to surface, which means the worst-case scenario here is it would appear in Blake’s teammates mid-way through the first round of the postseason.


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