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Biggest Loser of Heat vs. Thunder: Dwyane Wade

Enough is enough!

Now we’re paying tribute to Dwayne Wayne from Different Strokes? In case you missed Dwyane Wade’s postgame attire from Game 5, check out the picture here.

I’m not sure how or when it started, but somewhere along the line this season, NBA stars started wearing fake glasses to postgame interviews. Of course, now our impressionable youth have started copying them, but it’s out of hand… and was kind of dumb to begin with. Why is wearing glasses with the lenses poked out even “cool” anyway? Because Wade and others did it? Please. If he wore a bonnet, would that be the new teenage trend?

In any case, if this new fad wasn’t lame enough, Wade took it to another level. Paying homage to a fake personality? (…sigh) I’m thinking maybe the NBA players nowadays should plan more for the actual games than what they’ll be wearing for the interviews. You’re in the Finals Wade, one game from a championship (and forcing us to listen to how great this “talent to South Beach” decision was… one second, I’m puking).

Instead of planning on what shades you’ll sport to the next press conference, how about planning on how you’ll help lead the team for just one night – because, LeBron James has now taken his talents and taken over the leadership role for this team.

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