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Big Papi Gets Drilled But Gets Last Laugh

Wednesday morning we spoke about Big Papi’s majestic blast off of Hector Noesi and the fact that Yankees manager Joe Girardi was not happy with David Ortiz’ bat toss following the HR. If you’ve been following the media in and around NY during the Red Sox vs. Yankees series, you know that since that hit there has been a call to throw at Big Papi.

Incited by rants by the local media, fans have been calling NY area talk shows nonstop lobbying for Big Papi to be put on his back and to “get him off the plate”. There has been a general consensus in NY that David Ortiz has been able to “dig in” and get too comfortable at the plate. From a statistical standpoint, the argument definitely holds water. Before last night, Ortiz had gone literally and entire season’s worth against the Yankees, 696 plate appearances and 160 games, without being hit by a pitch.

So with the Yankees ace CC Sabathia on the mound, the “job had to get done” And it did, as Sabathia plunked Ortiz in the fourth inning. But it backfired. Ortiz started the seven-run rally in the seventh inning with a single and ripped a two-run double later in the inning that drove a stake into the Yankees giving the Red Sox an 8-3 win, a 3-game sweep of the Yankees and a two game lead in the AL East.

Ortiz laughed as he went to first base, but he wasn’t laughing after the game as he went after NY media. Knowing getting hit was a result of their prodding, Ortiz said, “I just want to thank [the media]. Not all of you, but some of you, for the stat today about me not being hit. I finally got hit. I hope you [expletive] are happy.”

Given the fact that Ortiz had a monster series in the sweep, I think Big Papi ended up with the last laugh here.

So much for the Joba Rules

Joba Chamberlain appears headed for Tommy John surgery after a dye-contrast MRI Thursday revealed a torn ligament in his elbow. “It sucks; there’s no way to sugar-coat it,” Chamberlain said.

The Yankees are reportedly sending Chamberlain’s MRI results to Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion at the requests of the pitcher’s agents, but the team is resigned to surgery being the final result, meaning he would be out for the next year.

So much for the Joba Rules.

Bay “Watch”

After an 0-23 stretch bringing his season production to a batting average of .207 with 2 HRs and 10 RBI, Jayson Bay has been benched and told to just sit and watch for a bit.

The New York Mets admitted yesterday that neither Mets manager Terry Collins nor anyone else in the organization had any idea how to get him straightened out. Collins sat down with Bay and told him after Wednesday’s walk-off loss to the Milwaukee Brewers. “I just said: ‘Listen, I’m out of answers here. What’s the thought process?’ We just kind of came up with ‘Hey, let’s take a blow for a couple of days, and work on some things, and we’ll get him back in there.’ Because I don’t think there’s any other way to get through it, except playing him.”

There have been a number of MLB players who have performed very well in other major league cities and then flopped when they came to New York, but I’m not sure we’ve ever seen anything like this. The surprising thing here is that he was able to play so well in Boston which isn’t exactly a small market team. And not only that, but Bay was at his best during the highly contested and high pressured Red Sox vs. Yankees games. Perhaps last year’s concussion is having a lingering effect on his performance?

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