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Big Brother Manning

The highlight of Monday Night’s Manning Bowl Snoozefest was vintage home video of a teenage Peyton happily allowing little brother Eli to dribble around him on the family’s backyard basketball court. The video reinforced everything we already knew about Peyton: he is one hell of a guy.

Unfortunately, for Eli, it would be the Colt’s defense and not his affectionate big brother he would have to line up against Monday Night.

After dropping the opener to a fired up Houston Texans team 34-24, the Colts came out swinging, putting up 24 points in the first half before ending the game with a decisive 38-14 victory.

Peyton looked like Peyton throwing for 255 yards, three touchdowns and no picks. But it was the Bob Sanders-less Colt’s D that was the difference maker -- giving up a measly 121 yard passing (much of which came late in the fourth quarter) and just over a hundred total yards on the ground, while forcing two fumbles, four sacks and an interception.

On Monday night, there wasn’t anything Peyton (or Olivia or Archie) could have done to save Baby Brother Eli from Freeney, Mathis and the rest of the impressive Colts’ Defense.

And things aren’t looking much better for Kyle Orton and the 1-1 Broncos

As if playing against Big Brother Manning wasn’t troubling enough, the Broncos are going to have to go at it without the help of either of their starting corners.  Champ Bailey, the team’s nine-time Pro Bowler, is on crutches after a foot injury and Andre Goodman will miss with a thigh sprain.

To make matters worse, the banged up Broncos are morning the loss of teammate Kenny Mckinley, who took his own life Monday night.

We can be sure that Manning will test the inexperienced secondary early and often. Manning is one of the best at creating mismatches and forcing single coverage, Sunday will be no exception.

When the Colts come to town, you have to be at your best. Unfortunately, for the wobbled Broncos, that just won’t be possible. With the Colt’s fluid passing attack, recently explosive running game and a defense looking for the respect it deserves, look for the Colt’s to dominate this Sunday in high-flying Peyton fashion.


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