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Big 12, Pac 10, Big 10 All Want Texas

So now the picture is starting to clear, the Pac 10 has intentions towards expansion and they want Texas, which includes poaching the Big 12.

Ex Tennis CEO Larry Scott has was hired by the Pacific 10 conference to overhaul their organization and bring them in to the modern age and get them the exposure most colleges in the conference believe they should command.

Larry Scott is attempting to change college footballs whole landscape

The Pac 10 is considering adding 6 more teams to its conference and it has its eyes on football cash cow Texas as its crown jewel. reported something similar, now it looks like a strong possibility the college landscape, as we know it, is going to drastically change.

There has been speculation that the SEC, Pac 10 and Big 10 are all after Texas, looking to add them and their broad fan base and bankability to their respective conferences.

The process of poaching another team from another conference is not an easy one and politics come heavily into play.

Based on 2007-08 numbers, Texas generated $72.95 million in football revenue

Texas as a team produces almost as much as revenue as the Big 12 in a whole and seems to be outgrowing the Big 12.

Texas is seeking more money and may look for a larger portion of the conference revenue sharing, which could cause Nebraska or Missouri to bolt to another conference. If that were to happen, then Texas would have no choice to move to a relevant conference. Big 12 commissioner Dan Bebe is in a peculiar situation that seems to be lose, lose.

According to Orangebloods the Pac-10 is looking to add Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorodo. Old big 12 foes could be playing 3/4 of the season against one another, which is going to be crucial in all teams involved. To much change could really throw off fan bases, especially too much travel to the west coast.

But expansion will be no easy task. You have 16 schools, 16 school presidents who will be listening to hundreds of advisors. Pac 10 has always been content with their position in college football, at least the school presidents have been. They have used the guise of academics and tradition as reasoning to not open up membership to their somewhat elitist conference and I doubt approvals from the likes of Cal, UCLA and USC will come quick and easy.

There is a rumbling of the Big 10 making a move soon and Texas is definitely in their sights. Texas is return definitely would welcome the vast amount of reach and TV money the Big 10 offers. There have been reports of them courting Nebraska. Both Nebraska and Missouri are under a deadline to pledge allegiance to the Big 12, many do not think this is going to happen. If Nebraska goes to the Big 10, Texas would have no choice but to pursue some type of realignment in another conference.

This is no easy situation to get a handle on. We will have to wait till details emerge and are official.

But it must be kept in mind; Texas is in the driver seat. They are the most profitable programs in college football and that’s in one of the lowest revenue generating major conferences. Others may decide where they land, but ultimately it’s a win-win for Texas.


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