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Beyond Sad: Allen Iverson Selling Belongings on eBay

God, this Allen Iverson thing gets more and more depressing every single day. If it gets any worse, The Daily Heat may have to call a moratorium on publishing all things Iverson.

We’ve already covered in depth how far this once surefire NBA Hall-of-Famer has fallen since his glory days – but this appears to be a new low.

According to the hoops experts at The Basketball Jones, Iverson’s belongings are now officially being peddled on everyone’s favorite online marketplace: eBay. You can get his jersey from his first game in Turkey, shoes, sleeves, an autographed Michael Jordan Chicago White Sox jersey (seriously) and much more.

Why is Iverson hawking his goods like it’s Cyber Monday and he’s Best Buy?

We don’t know, but we assume it has something to do with the fact that he’s allegedly broke. You know, that $154 million he pulled throughout...

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